Tuesday, June 2, 2009

I have reasons.

I want:
Nikon D80 Pictures, Images and Photos A Nikon D80 so I can take better pictures!

and why don't coffee shops sell empty coffee cups?!
At Caribou Coffee
"yo, I wanna buy one of them empty cups"
"um, we don't sell those..."
"I'll pay you for it!!"
"no ma'am the price is included with the drink"
"you will have to pay for the drink"
"oh, so i'll get the drink in a different cup?"
"no ma'am im afraid you won't get the drink"
WTF? akjksdnas grr pfsh

It's stupid.
If I started an empty coffee cup business I would probably make more money than them anyway. Hmph.
Like, pretty, awesome, colourful, recycled, sticky-note-to-your-boyfriend-or-husbandable, EMPTY coffee cups, filled with candy and chocolate.
You would totally buy one, right? Hm I guess not...


Scarred said...

A nikon D80 has been replaced by the D90. So why do you want an older version?

Batool said...

because honestly, I don't think I would use the video feature. PLUS it's too expensive =.=

Moo said...

I would totally buy your cups! :)
I pray that you get a camera soon.