Thursday, June 4, 2009

I've made up my mind


I'm horrible at making decisions.
But Im sure I made the right one this time.
Mostly because I spent more than a year over it.

I have finally chosen studying at a Hawza in Qom over studying Mass Media in UAE
it doesn't seem like a tough decision but it sure as hell is!
and inshaAllah inshaAllah if I get accepted, then nothing can change my mind.

there's just one thing left.
convincing Alif and my in-laws.
That won't be too hard, hopefully...
I will probably just drag him along with me lol.

Just pray that I get accepted, cause I really really want to study at the hawza!


ellen557 said...

Ooooh, Qom! Wow, I've wanted to go there for so long. There would be so many opportunities for learning... There's like, 5 grand ayatollahs there!

I've heard it's a really good environment for women as well. I remember a woman on a TV program and she was from Africa, saying that the building was completely segregated and once you were inside, you could just take off chador with no problems at all.

<33333 Good luck x one million!

Ms. Mango said...

I love the UAE, Awsome you get to study there!

Batool said...

@Ellen: thank you =) I looked around the campus on my last trip and there were girls sitting on the grass and studying, or playing football. They even have a gym and a computer lab :D it's amazing!

@Ms.Mango: yeah it's a really nice place!

Art Fan Ako said...

Check out my myspace blog. I posted something about decisions. Look for Vicki Magaw. Hope it helps! Good luck!