Thursday, June 11, 2009

[spoiler alert, maybe] Up Up

Last day of exams.
So I went out with some friends to the mall.
And just hung out.

PLUS I really really really wanted to watch the new Disney movie- Up.
First we bought cheaper food from the supermarket, stuffed our bags with it and smuggled it inside the theatre lol
that I'm going to go watch it again on Saturday.yay!

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So basically this old guy, for some secret reason which you will find out only if you watch the movie, ties billions and billions of helium balloons to his house and flies off to South America. On his way, while flying there some really cute, chubby but annoying kid named Russell appears on his porch. (you will find out how only if you watch the movie). When they reach South America, they meet this talking dog and a really colourful bird, named Kevin, who is a mother of three. By this time, my bladder was sending me warning signals but I didn't want to miss any of it, so I just... didn't move. The old guy and the annoying kid almost get killed by some psycho, whose name you will find out only if you watch the movie but they managed to escape with the help of the talking dog. STOP, YOU DOGS! HAHA! sorry, yeah, they came back to the city and lived happily ever after eating ice cream and living in a huge balloon thing for the rest of their lives! and then I wet myself. Sort of. Well, almost.

hm one of my friends dared me to ask this random taxi driver, "where the fuck is Ahmed?"
all I got in reply was, "sorry, no izbeak english"



- F said...


Art Fan Ako said...

Fun description of "Up". I guess I'm up to seeing it. No pun intended.

ellen557 said...

I haven't even heard of Up... but I am laughing so hard about the last thing you wrote!

Lisa said...

My son andI really enjoyed it! Except the scenes towards the end which were a tad scary for a 4 year old. I really lke yor blog!